Vols limités ce samedi 3 mars

La base militaire de Beauvechain nous communique son activité ce samedi 3 mars. Vols limités comme en semaine !

Dear All,

 EBBE will be open on Saterday 03 March from 09h30lt till 14h00lt Estimate for special An-124 Ops.

 As a result, for the clubs and concessions, the procedures as applied during  weekdays will be applicable.

 Witin the area of responsibility of EBBE and during timings mentioned above, following restrictions will apply:

  • @ EBBE:
  • No activities allowed of AVIA and BAC
  • @ EBTN:
  • Motorized flights out of EBTN are allowed under following conditions:
  • Prior approval of EBBE ATC SUP (02 44 25500)
  • Transponder required
  • Radio contact with EBBE APP mandatory
  • Only transfer flights in/out EBBE CTR.  No local circuit training at EBTN
  • Gliding activities at EBTN are not allowed.
  • Activities of aeromodelisme clubs according MoU (with EBBE = open).

A NOTAM will be published regarding opening hours of EBBE on the day mentioned above.

May I ask you to inform all persons concerned who should be aware about these restrictions.

Thank you for cooperation

If any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

 Kind regards

 Marc Paris


Tel : 02 44 25839